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FHA Loan Documentation Checklist


Basic Documentation to Obtain a Certified Loan Pre-Approval Letter  

  • Last two years tax returns + W2’s if available   

  • Last months check pay stubs  

  • Names and location of your employers for the last 2 years  

  • If Self-Employed  - Current Income Statement & Balance Sheet  

  • Full Credit Report must include the 3 reporting agencies

  • A completed 1003 Application  

If refinancing, include copy of current mortgage on the subject property or Title/Deed if free and clear

Before you start the loan process, have your documentation information organized and ready for your loan officer.  You will need to provide documents that prove income, savings and credit information. If you already own a property, you will need to provide related documentation for that, as well.

Here is a list of the basic’s documents required to obtain a full approval when you apply for an FHA loan.

  • Two years of complete tax returns

  • Two years of W-2, 1099's, or other income statements

  • Most recent month of pay stubs

  • Self-employed individuals will need two years of tax returns and a year-to-date profit/loss statement

  • Most recent three months of bank, retirement, stocks, and/or mutual fund statements (all accounts and all pages)

  • Individuals without credit will need recent copies of utility bills

  • Bankruptcy discharge , Foreclosure and short Sale Settlement Docs (if applicable)

  • Driver's license

  • Social security card

  • Green card or work permit (if applicable)


If you are refinancing or own another property, you will need copies of:

  • Note & deed from current loan

  • Property tax bill.

  • Hazard (homeowners) Insurance Policy.

  • Payment coupon for current mortgage.

  • If property is multi-unit bring Rental Agreements.


While these are the documents that you will need in general, more documents may be requested depending on your specific situation.


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