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 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development






Looking for something specific? We've compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Maybe you'll find what you need right here. Find answers to questions about:


  • Homebuying: low down payments, FHA mortgages, and homebuying options

  • Homeowning: refinancing, reverse mortgages for senior citizens, and home improvements

  • HUD Homes: HUD homes for sale and how to buy a HUD home

  • Renting: public housing, Section 8, and other rental assistance programs

  • Relocation, Foreclosure, Eviction: avoiding foreclosure and responding to eviction notices

  • FHA Refunds: FHA premium refunds and "tracers"

  • Homeless: services for the homeless

  • Fair Housing: housing discrimination and HUD's fair housing logo

  • Communities: how to get involved in your community and how HUD helps communities

  • Consumer Information: housing discrimination, health hazards, and other consumer information

  • Complaints: how to file a housing discrimination complaint and report fraud in HUD programs

  • About HUD: HUD's organization and jobs

  • Equal Treatment Regulations



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