FHA 100% Financing 

NEW! 100% FHA Financing 
NO Down Payment? NO Worries!

If you are ready to purchase a home you may qualify for one of our no
down payment FHA program.

  • FHA Financing with a 640 score or greater

  • Finance 3.5% second loan to make 100% Financing

  • DTI’s of 50% with compensating factors

  • 6% Seller Concessions allowed

  • 100% gift funds from family members allowed for closing costs

  • For purchases only

  • Manufactured Homes not allowed

  • Owner Occupied only, No Concurrent home ownership allowed

  • Maximum loan amount per FHA Guides

  • MI Coverage is Standard FHA Coverage

What an exciting time to enter into home ownership! No down payment funds is no
longer an obstacle.



Another Zero Down payment FHA Mortgage options is using Gift Funds

Federal Housing Administration requires a 3.5% down payment minimum with a 580 fico Score which can be a lot of money for some borrowers.  For example, a $200,000 home loan purchase at 3.5% down would equal $7,000.   

According to FHA guidelines, you can receive a gift from a family member, non-profit organization, fiancee, or another eligible down payment gift source where you can apply towards the entire down payment. That means you don’t need any of your own money to buy with FHA if you find a qualified Gift source.

So technically it is not a 100% loan, but you can achieve the same results.  

If you are ready to purchase your new home using one of our 100% FHA Financing options. 


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